Stand Up For Jesus!

Gary Hedrick from the Christian Jew Foundation wrote this note in a recent news letter from CJF Ministries and I wanted to post it here as a reminder that everything we do can bring about change in those that examine us.


Dear Haverim!
This past summer, I went home to Kansas to attend my 45th high school class reunion. We all had a great time and enjoyed reconnecting with old friends and classmates. At one point in the evening, a woman sat down next to me and said, “Gary, there’s something I’ve wanted to say to you for a long time.” She continued, “Do you remember the speech class we had together when we were juniors?” I remembered the class. She reminded me that we spent weeks giving persuasive speeches—with the whole class critiquing us. She said, “All of your speeches were about Christianity and the Bible. You were always trying to convince us that the Bible is true and that God not only exists, but He loves us.” 
Honestly, I hadn’t thought about that class in many years! Then she told me that she knew it took courage to do what I did—and she wanted me to know that my words hadn’t fallen on deaf ears. In fact, she said she went back several years later and studied the notes she had taken while I was speaking. In due time, she became a believer in Jesus. She married a believer and raised a Christian family. “I’ve been wanting to tell you about this for forty years,” she said, as she placed her hand gently on my shoul-der. “God used you to help alter the course of my life and I never thanked you until now.
I was swamped with work at the time and it wasn’t easy to get away and attend the reunion. But that simple, five-minute conversation with a for-mer classmate made it all worth it! It was a powerful reminder that when we’re faithful to the Lord and follow His leading, we never know how He will use us to influence and encourage others.
Your Brother in Messiah,
Gary Hedrick

Texas 7th-Grader Who Refused to Deny God Calls School Board ‘Liars’

12-year-old Jordan Wooley, the Texas girl who spoke out after her teacher made her say that God is a myth, says she has been bullied and told to kill herself after media coverage of the incident.

It all began when Jordan’s teacher assigned a quiz asking students at West Memorial Junior High School in Katy, Texas, to label statements as “fact, assertion, or opinion.”

Among the statements were “America is the most free country on Earth” and “there is a God.” After Jordan labeled the latter as a “fact,” her teacher told her to deny God or get an “F.”

The Katy Independent School District denied the incident ever happened and claimed no one could verify Jordan’s story. But that didn’t stop her from calling the board members “liars” and asking for an apology in a statement on Monday.

After the story was covered extensively in the media, some people have called Jordan terrible names and told her to kill herself, she explained to Clayton Morris on “Fox and Friends Weekend.”

“I’ve lost a few of my close friends, but that’s what will happen,” she said.

Despite that, Jordan said she’s not backing down.

“I’m going to keep going until something gets done, and until something gets done, I’m not going to stop.”

Watch more above and see Jordan’s statement to the school board below.

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