Christmas Near The North Pole

IMG_1735Unfortunately, this is what the average person in Northern Ontario has in mind when they think of Christmas. This photo was taken of a local building that was straight across from the post office for everyone to see.


On December 23 a few of us decided to brave the cold weather and go outside at the local mall and distribute the gospel.  We put together some packages that were handed out to people as they were shopping.


Each package included a “Good Person” tract, a DVD of “The Biggest Question?” and a tree ornament that was made with a nail, a red ribbon and a card with a poem of how a nail was used to hang Jesus on the cross.




IMG_1671To our surprise we stepped outside and it was… let’s say frigid.  Nothing a cup of hot chocolate couldn’t fix! After quickly freezing our little toes (approximately 1 minute), we decided to step into the mall for the distribution. It only took 1 hour before we ran out!

There was 1 person who refused the gift. A couple of people were surprised that we weren’t charging them anything for it, and most everyone was pleasant as we wished them a Merry Christmas.

The one time of the year when you can talk about Christ and the majority of people will politely accept what you give them. If you were to try this the following month, you would get a very different reaction.

I think this will be a new yearly tradition. Of course, we will have to expand it over several days leading up to Christmas.