A Few Sighs From Hell

John Bunyan Statue

How many poor should have the many filthy blind priests to answer for, do you think? How many should have they been the means of destroying — by their ignorance and corrupt doctrine? Preaching, that which was no better for others souls — than rat-poison for the body — and all for filthy lucre’s sake (O you priests — this word is for you!). They shall see, that they, many of them it is to be feared, will have whole towns to answer for; whole cities to answer for.

Ah, friend, I tell you — you who have taken in hand to preach to the people, it many be you have taken in hand you cannot tell what. Will it not grieve you to see your whole parish come bellowing after you to Hell, crying out, ‘We may thank you for this! This is because of you — you did not teach us the truth! You led us away with fables — you were afraid to tell us of our sins, lest we should not put meat fast enough in your mouth. O you cursed wretch, that ever you should beguile us thus, deceive us thus, flatter us thus! We would have gone out to hear the Word abroad — but that you reproved us; and also that us that that which we see now is the way of God — was heresy, and a deceivable doctrine! And were not contented with that, blind guide as you were, to fall into the ditch of Hell yourself — but have also led us there with you!

~John Bunyan