Don’t Forget To Tune In To The “Genesis Science Network”

Whether you are watching from your television, computer, smartphone or tablet, Genesis Science Network brings you the best of Biblical Creation and Scientific programming FREE of charge.

GSN was launched by David Rives Ministries as one of their global outreach tools to promote empirical science and discovery, as they affirm Scriptural truths.


Genesis Science Network

David Rives Ministries presents…. Genesis Science Network

A NEW FREE 24/7 Television Channel Dedicated to Biblical Creation

Featuring daily programming from; AiG, ICR, Mission: Imperative!, Dr. Jobe Martin, Awesome Science Media, CMI, Creation Today, CESM Ministries and MANY MORE!

GSN is the new Christian alternative to the evolutionary driven channels like “Discovery Channel” and “National Geographic”

Available on ROKU, Internet live stream, iOS and Android devices

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