Though He Slay Me

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Last month, our friend Cody May drowned in a lake within sight of his wife Kimberly and their seven children.


This world has lost a man of which it was not worthy, and my dear friend Kimberly and her children are mourning this loss deeply.

Cody was an open-air evangelist and an abortion abolitionist.  His life was BUILT around making Jesus known, defending the fatherless 
and speaking up for the voiceless. 
This life – wordly things – Cody counted it all lossfor the eternal worth of knowing Jesus Christ.


Cody was also an adoptive father to children from Connecticut, DRC, and Ethiopia.
He is survived by these precious children – six of whom just experienced the loss of their father for the SECOND TIME.  


The May family had just moved to Texas a few days prior to Cody’s death. Several of their children have special needs, and they were looking for a fresh start and new opportunities.
Cody was transitioning between jobs, and at this moment in time – he had no life insurance.


As a larger adoptive community, we have learned that family PRESERVATION is right there in James 1:27, and that sponsoring endangered children in other countries is such a crucial part of orphan care.
Orphan prevention and family preservation ARE widow and orphan care.  
Inspired by other child sponsorship programs, we have set up a special tax-deductible fund through a 501c for Kimberly and her children through Bethesda Family Ministries.
We are asking people to prayerfully consider becoming MONTHLY SPONSORS for Kimberly and the children by until adulthood,  or until no longer needed. 
In terms of impact, no gift is too small.  Consider this:
A $10/month commitment over the next 15 years could buy college books for Cody’s boys.
A $20/month commitment over the next 15 years would be $3600 invested in the future of these children and the preservation of this family!!!
200 people committed to just $5/month equals $1,000 of reliable income.  
Four of our children were brought home by mostly small donations from people all over the world – it adds up!


Unlike other sponsorship programs, a massive 95% of your contribution (or more, depending on which form of payment  you choose) will go directly to Kimberly and the children.  The best child sponsorship programs normally run at about 80% down to as low as 50% of direct-to-program costs, so this fund is truly exceptional.


Additionally, the person administrating this fund has been a local, trusted, and personal friend of my family for many years.
I believe that knowing that there was a dependable amount of support coming in monthly would be such a blessing to Kimberly.  
It will enable her to make plans as she faces the future without her best friend and her earthly provider. 


Please pray about this, and consider committing to the May family.  We talk so much about supporting widows and orphans – we treasure this cause because God always has.  


Our God is the Father to the Fatherless, and those of us whom He raises up to adopt, foster, sponsor children…all we are doing is following His lead and example.
…we love because He first loved us.
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