‘Where’s Your Little Arm?’: Abortionists Can’t Hide Behind the ‘Clump of Cells’ Line Anymore



Planned Parenthood’s abortion providers know full and well they’re not removing just a “clump of cells.” That’s the clear verdict from two former clinic managers in new video interviews posted last week.

Sue Thayer and Marianne Anderon shared their first-hand experience of watching abortion providers for Planned Parenthood dismember then reassemble the so-called “products of conception” following the procedure, to make sure they “got everything.” The women spoke with Live Action about what they witnessed, and how Planned Parenthood knows they’re killing babies.

Thayer described what happened to babies after the abortion — a gruesome process of rinsing and sorting baby body parts. After putting the parts in a glass jar on a shelf under a light, “You kind of piece it back together and try to see if you got all the parts” she explained. She recalled standing over the aborted baby and asking, “Why are there three arms? …The gal training me said, ‘Twins, it was twins.’” When Thayer asked whether they told moms about twins, her trainer said, “No, it usually just upsets them.”

Following the sorting, the aborted babies were “flushed” down a sink into the city’s septic system, Thayer said. “I just remember standing there thinking, ‘All those babies are in the Des Moines sewer system.’”

Talking to the Baby Parts

It is clear, when looking at the so-called “products of conception” after an abortion, that it is a human baby with arms, legs, a head and other recognizable parts — not a clump of cells. Nurse Marianne Anderson said she witnessed abortionists talking to the baby body parts and excitedly putting pieces of the baby back together like a jigsaw puzzle.

“There was one doctor that would sit there and he would sometimes talk to this,” said Anderson. “I’ll never forget him saying, ‘Now, where’s your little arm? I didn’t see your — I’m missing this arm,’ and he would sift through it trying to find the pieces. And then I remember him saying, ‘Oh there you are, now where’s the head?’”

Another abortionist asked for a special light to illuminate the body pieces, Anderson recalled, and he seemed particularly excited when he was able to put the baby back together. “He really seemed to get into it,” she said. “I’ll never forget the first day he was there. He goes, ‘Look at this! This is so cool!’” He would describe how he could see blood vessels and other intricate body parts.

Masking the Truth to Mothers

The line about the pregnancy being a “clump of cells” is a way for Planned Parenthood to mask the truth to the mother, much in the same way that preventing the mother from viewing the ultrasound prior to the abortion is a way to keep her from seeing life in her womb, said Abby Johnson, former executive director for a Planned Parenthood clinic.

Johnson told Mike Huckabee in an interview how she assisted an ultrasound-guided abortion and saw the profile of a baby — face, arms, legs, tummy —  and recognized life. The baby tried to get away from the doctor’s probe  — fighting for its life — before it crumbled in front of her eyes. She dropped the ultrasound probe in shock. It was the last abortion she attended and she quit shortly thereafter. “I can’t help but believe if [moms] saw that they might be running out of those clinics,” said Huckabee.

From false euphemisms to turning an ultrasound away from the mother (or fighting legislation requiring one prior to an abortion), Planned Parenthood goes to great lengths to keep women in the dark on what really happens during an abortion. But it’s clear they know exactly what they are doing — and it isn’t scraping cells.

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The abortion truth that liberals can’t deny — but try to

Believe it or not, this article was found in the New York Post!



Maybe the makers of “The Big Bang Theory” don’t watch “Meet the Press.”

Hillary Clinton got into a bit of trouble when she told host Chuck Todd “the unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights.”

Clinton was merely noting some restrictions on abortions are permitted under the law. But the real kerfuffle was over the idea that a person can exist in America without any rights — or that fetuses are people at all.

The International Planned Parenthood Federation cautions activists to avoid the “p” word. It’s not a person until it’s born or, as Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) once suggested, until you bring it home from the hospital. Until then, it’s a fetus or “uterine contents.” Planned Parenthood advises that activists don’t say “abort a child,” preferring “terminate a pregnancy” or some such.

Clinton is rarely that blunt. She usually likes to use the term “women’s health.” That way she can claim that people who are against abortion-on-demand are against “women’s health.”

Anyway, it was hardly a big controversy — more like a Twitter dust-up. That’s probably why the writers of the hit CBS sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” missed it.

One of the characters, Bernadette, recently got pregnant. In the episode that aired April 7, Bernadette, her husband Howard and their friend Rajesh use a home ultrasound kit. When they hear the unborn baby’s heartbeat, Rajesh exclaims, “You guys made a person!”

Howard replies, “We did!”

This highlights a phenomenon I’ve written a lot about: On some issues, Hollywood can be downright right-wing. From the value of guns in “The Walking Dead” to the honor of police in countless dramas to the importance of family in most sitcoms, there’s a lot more conservatism, broadly understood, on TV than conservatives or liberals ever notice.

And so it is with abortion. With the exception of “Maude,” an awful left-wing 1970s TV show (along with some “edgy” HBO series), there have been no major sitcoms in which a character has had an abortion.

Why? One reason is abortions aren’t funny. There’s no reason to write a storyline in which a character gets pregnant only to decide later not to have a baby. That’s not a punch line, it’s a tragedy. Even the very liberal Mindy Kaling, star and producer of “The Mindy Project,” says the show won’t touch the issue of abortion — and Kaling plays a gynecologist!

Maybe you could write a funny scene where a woman goes to the doctor to get a mammogram or deals with some other aspect of “women’s health.” I don’t know. But you can’t write a knee-slapper about a woman deliberately terminating an unborn person’s life.

Sometimes the pregnant character agonizes about her choice (and occasionally there’s a miscarriage), but the moment Rachel from “Friends” or Murphy Brown or Bernadette chooses to keep it, the “it” stops being an it, and becomes a he or she.

Emotionally, that’s how it works for many, perhaps most, people. When a woman wants to keep her baby, it becomes a baby long before it’s born. No father speaks to a belly full of “uterine contents,” and no mother thumbs through a book of baby names for a fetus she is going to dispose of anyway.

That’s how a lot of public policy works, too. Under federal law and many state laws, if you murder a pregnant woman, you can be charged with two homicides.

The White House is asking for a lot of money to fight the Zika virus. “I think Democrats and Republicans in Congress are interested in making sure that pregnant women and unborn children in this country can be properly protected,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest said in February.

Unborn children? Yes, both parties want to protect unborn children from disease-carrying mosquitoes. But that bipartisanship falls apart when it comes to Planned Parenthood.

This emotional parsing is understandable. The problem is that emotion isn’t the best foundation for law. In the past, emotion led lots of Americans to think blacks weren’t persons either.

Logic, science and, finally, moral reasoning said otherwise. If over here an unborn child is a person but over there it isn’t, and the only thing distinguishing the two is someone’s feelings, we’ve got a problem. And it’s not just a problem of language.


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The Inside Story of How Prayer Shuttered an Illegal Abortion Center in Selma

The true story is spreading far and wide: following a years-long effort by a unique pro-life coalition, an abortion center in Selma, Alabama which had been operating illegally has finally closed its doors. This city of historic significance in the national civil rights struggle has now taken a stand against the injustice of abortion.

Yet the full story isn’t only about cooperation and effective advocacy among local pro-life advocates, with an assist from national groups. As one deeply involved for over a decade in Alabama’s movement to protect innocent lives, I saw how prayer played a role in these events as never before.

On May 21, 2015, I received a call from Catherine Davis of The Selma Project, asking that Bound4LIFE Birmingham take part in a historical march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge. All eyes have been on this small Alabama town because of the Oscar-winning film Selma, marking one of America’s greatest civil rights battles which took place in this city.

But this march would be different. Catherine Davis was calling for intercessors, unnamed and without fame, who would fast and pray for the mission of uprooting an illegal abortion business being run by Samuel Lett — a back-alley abortionist using The Central Alabama Women’s Clinic as his office.

Father Terry Gensemer of CEC for Life had uncovered this horrific reality two years before; he joined efforts with Davis and other pro-life leaders to end this injustice in our state.

Davis made it clear that The Selma Project was a pro-life coalition rooted in intercession for the ending of abortion — believers praying from a posture of repentance. When we spoke over the phone, continually that one word was on our lips: repentance. We understood our gathering would be centered on God’s intercessors owning the sin of our nation and state, chiefly the corruption of abortion.

We would gather, acknowledging before our Lord that we repent for the darkness of abortion and the way it has corrupted our culture — and ended the lives of our children. We need Jesus to step into our mess and heal our land. In that posture of humility, the greatest shakings can come.

On Juneteenth, a significant date to African-Americans across our nation as the day that slavery ended, intercessors would gather to pray and the next day to march. The Selma Project would expose this illegal abortion center as we came before the courts of Heaven, having faith for healing in this historic city.

Catherine Davis understands the implications of abortion in the black community, making our march on Juneteenth a prophetic sign to the rest of the nation: injustice against these innocent unborn lives must end and will end.

When we arrived Friday evening, June 19, we entered a church filled with pro-life intercessors whom I’ve grown very close to. Some drove from Atlanta, some flew in from Dallas, others from Washington, DC and beyond. It was the sweetest reunion with some of the greatest life intercessors on this side of Heaven. I knew in that moment that I was witnessing history, the kind of history written in the eternal book.

We squeezed into a small sanctuary and lost no time in praying and crying out for Jesus to hear us in our trouble, in our darkness, in our sin. Prayer was intertwined with seasoned leaders speaking including Alveda King (niece of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.), Father Terry Gensemer, William Ford, Dehavilland Ford, Charmaine Yoest and Star Parker.

Pro-life intercessors prayed on the microphone, interceding as the packed church agreed fervently for Jesus’ life to break open injustice in Selma. The groundwork was being laid that night. We were preparing the steps for the march the next morning.

Truth be told, the power of the weekend came in those late hours of intercession. The march was only the final clack of the gavel. The march was the public declaration of God’s intercessors taking hold as conquerors, trusting in the power of the One who responds to our weak cries.

Catherine Davis had given Bound4LIFE Birmingham the honor of passing out Life Tape to all who gathered to march and pray with us that next morning across the Edmund Pettus Bridge. We arrived early, greeting the people who came and giving them Life Tape that they would wear across their mouths as they prayed silently.

Along with the Life Tape were large posters proclaiming #BlackWomenMatter, expressing the great value of Selma’s women and their babies. Their lives are worthy of protection, honor and justice. It was a beautiful scene of people of all ages, backgrounds and racial differences uniting for pro-life prayer.

In an important moment before we marched behind Alveda King, Charmaine Yoest and Catherine Davis, we knelt in solemnness facing the city of Selma. It was a heavy moment, knowing we ached for every intercession we made the night before; we needed the Holy Spirit to make intercessions for us now as we proceeded with desperation and weeping.

As we began marching, I grasped hands with one of my best friends and a fellow abolitionist — Christina Marie Bennett — and we wept. My husband Matthew also took the hand of our foster child, who with his other little hand reached out to our friend Corry Robinson, a pro-life worship leader and minister based in Orlando.

It was a beautiful picture of the church, holding together and pressing forward in prayer for justice and life. As we came to the end of the bridge, we gathered for a press conference — asking for state authorities to take action and prevent Samuel Lett from continuing his illegal and horrific business.

When our time ended, we lingered. We sat together, talking and praying some more. It was bittersweet to leave one another; we felt a desire to wait together in the next hours to see what Heaven would do now.

We would not need to wait further than the end of the year to get a glimpse of the victory. Father Terry Gensemer announced on December 30 that the abortion center was shut down, and the historic city of Selma could be considered abortion-free.

The Selma Project and all the intercessions made in that historic weekend would have an incredible and immeasurable outcome. Father God won the battle for His children when He heard our prayers; now we continue on to see life spring forth and injustice fall in our land.

As we enter into a new year, with new statistics and political considerations foremost in our hearts and minds, intercessors hope. We bask in the joy of this newfound victory that came quickly this year in our dear city of Selma, Alabama. We dream of telling our grandchildren about how Jesus moved, and we were there to see it.

We don’t bask too long, but to praise God for His mercy and His hand on our land. We move forward to pray deeper, to march further for freedom, for the future generations of our nation and all nations.

The word of God speaks directly to what our nation faces today. In 2 Chronicles 7:14, we see what God spoke millennia ago to a national leader: “If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” 
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Pro-life Bill Could Reach Pro-abortion President

Veronica Neffinger | Editor, ChristianHeadlines.com
A pro-life bill may soon pass in the Senate and be on President Obama’s desk.
OneNewsNow reports that a bill which would defund Planned Parenthood by repurposing more than a half-billion dollars of taxpayer funds has a good chance to pass in the Senate.
The Senate parliamentarian requested that the bill first receive 60 votes before the Senate officially votes on it. It received the 60 initial votes needed.
“Clearing that parliamentary hurdle was certainly the biggest obstacle,” Mallory Quigley of the pro-life political team, the Susan B. Anthony List, told OneNewsNow.
The Senate could vote on the bill soon. There are 51 pro-life votes in the Senate, which is a majority, albeit a slim one. The Susan B. Anthony List urges people to contact their Senators and ask them to vote yes on the bill.
Quigley said that even if the bill passes in the Senate, Obama will likely veto it, but it is nevertheless worthwhile to introduce a high-profile pro-life bill.
“He’s going to veto it,” she predicts, “but that’s why it’s so important that this bill move forward. That we continue to have this conversation – high-profile debate – about why taxpayer dollars are going to an abortion business like Planned Parenthood in the first place,” said Quigley.

Actor Kelsey Grammer Makes Bold Statement with Anti-abortion Shirt

Kelsey Grammer upset liberals after he posted a photo to his Instagram of himself wearing an anti-abortion T-shirt.
According to Charisma News, the shirt had an image of a gun and then the question, “Would it bother us more if they used guns?” The shirt lists the site Abort73.com.
The site “demonstrates why elective abortion is immoral and unjust.” The site has a message board where women can post about their own regrets about abortion.
The Huffington Post said the shirt was “bizarre” and HollywoodLife.com called it “outrageous.”
In a column for MoveGuide, Diane Anderson-Tyler wrote that Grammer’s photo was “gutsy.”
“In the famously anti-gun and pro-choice sphere of Hollywood, Mr. Grammer’s decision so boldly and unequivocally support(s) the organization,” she wrote.
“We commend Mr. Grammer for taking a stand on a critical issue and pray that more Americans will have their eyes opened and hearts softened to see and believe how much God loves every single body He knits together in the womb,” she said.
Anderson-Tyler said that according to a Gallup poll, 44 percent of Americans are pro-life. Less than half of Americans are in favor of stricter gun laws.
“We take seriously the Bible’s inerrant and unchanging views on human life, namely, that it should be cherished and protected.”

Churches That Don’t Speak Against Abortion Are Like 19th Century Congregations That Stayed Silent on Slavery

By Samuel Smith

WASHINGTON — Christian ethicist Russell Moore has said that congregations too afraid of being political to speak out against acts of immorality, like abortion, are similar to churches in the 1800s that remained silent on the issue of slavery.

As the featured speaker at the Institute on Religion and Democracy’s fifth annual Diane Knippers memorial lecture, Moore, the president of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, criticized mainstream Christian congregations that have relaxed their teachings on key issues of sexual morality and other social issues in order to blend in with the “ambient culture” and appeal to today’s society.

Moore explained that religious conservatives need to “preserve” the biblical truth for future generations. Although secular society likes to claim that Christian conservatives are on the “wrong side of history,” Moore told the audience that Christian conservatives should not be afraid to have their biblical convictions conflict with mainstream society and that they should really embrace the distinctive Christian message.

“This is something that Diane Knippers saw Mainline denominations losing as they believed that the best way to connect with the generations around them was to assimilate into the sameness of the ambient culture. That is a recipe for death,” Moore argued.


Russell Moore(Photo: Russell Moore)

“It’s a recipe for death, precisely for the same reasons that Jesus is speaking to Pilate about a Kingdom that does not originate from the world. Christianity always thrives the best when we have a distinctive word and a distinctive word that is rooted in a specific view of authority. Jesus said, ‘I have come to bear witness for the truth.'”

“The arguments that we see happening right now over issues of human sexuality are not really about human sexuality,” Moore continued. “These are debates of apostolic authority.”

Despite the fact that religious conservative views on issues like gay marriage and abortion directly conflict with the views of a secular world, Moore assured that the historic Christian message has always conflicted with the world’s understanding.

Although many congregations in the last 50 years have altered their views and teachings to accommodate the modern worldviews, Moore warned that churches that have historically distanced themselves from the biblical truth eventually failed to exist.

“The miraculous was startling in the first century and in every other century, so the churches who discarded it no longer had anything distinctive to say and withered and died into obscurity,” Moore stated. “The churches who were willing to speak with a voice of authority about resurrection, the coming of Christ, supernatural regeneration by the Holy Spirit are the churches who had a witness to be able to bring forward.”

Moore further argued that secularism is not the world’s final “stopping point.”

“Secularism is just a stop along the path,” Moore said. “We must have a distinctive word in terms of claim to authority, and we must be willing to bear witness. We must be a conversionist people, which means that if we truly believe that the spirit of God is able to transform someone from sinner to saint, we will be the people who will not hesitate to speak the truth and to speak what often will be unpopular truths.”

Churches have long been responsible for speaking the unpopular truths on social issues, not just in today’s world where abortion and gay marriage are the hotly contested subjects, Moore said.

“The churches in 1845 Georgia that did not speak to slavery, were speaking to slavery,” Moore said. “If you stand in the pulpit and call people to repentance for drunkenness and sexual immorality, but you do not call them to repentance for man-stealing and kidnapping and pretending to own another human being, you have spoken to that issue by saying that it will not be something for which one must give an account at the judgement.”

“The churches in 1925 Mississippi that spoke about drunkenness and adultery, but did not speak about lynching, were speaking to lynching,” Moore continued. “They were baptizing the status quo by not calling people to repentance for a grave sin against God and against a neighbor.”

“The churches in 21st century America that do not speak to the personhood of the unborn are speaking to the personhood of the unborn by baptising the status quo and leaving consciences that are wounded and in need of Gospel liberation exactly where they are under accusation, rather than freeing them with a witness that is thought to be political.”
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May we suggest that not speaking against abortion is akin to not speaking against people like Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot or Mao Zedong and letting them kill millions of innocent victims. We would hope that if given the opportunity, you the reader, would demand that they stop, and that you would take the necessary steps to shed light on the atrocity that was being committed.

Please take a moment to click here and watch a powerful video


Texas Defunds Planned Parenthood

By Heather Clark

Officials in Texas have decided to defund the abortion giant Planned Parenthood, declaring that the state is pulling its Medicaid funding out of belief that the organization is “no longer capable of performing medical services in a professionally competent, safe, legal, and ethical manner.”

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission sent a letter to Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast on Monday, providing the entity with a notice of termination.

“There is reliable information indicating a pattern of illegal billing practices by Planned Parenthood affiliates, including you, across the state,” the letter reads. “Our prima facie case of fraud is supported by related cases involving fraudulent practices identified by whistleblowers from inside the Texas Planned Parenthood network.”

It points to two federal lawsuits that had been settled for millions after whistleblowers came forward about false Medicaid claims that had been filed.

Without specifically mentioning the Center for Medical Progress, the Commission also references undercover video footage showing representatives from a Texas Planned Parenthood facility discussing its willingness to alter abortion procedures to remove deceased children whole.

“The videos indicate that you follow a policy of agreeing to procure fetal tissue even if it means altering the timing or method of an abortion. These practices violate accepted medical standards, as reflected in federal law, and are Medicaid program violations that justify termination,” the letter reads.

It further notes that the organization violated safety protocols surrounding the spread of infectious diseases.

“Specifically, you allowed individuals posing as commercial buyers of fetal body parts to handle bloody fetal tissue while wearing only gloves,” the Commission outlines.

Planned Parenthood has 30 days to request a resolution meeting before the termination becomes final.

“Texas has stepped forward and shown its unyielding commitment to both protecting life and providing women’s health services,” said Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a Roman Catholic, in a statement following the issuance of the letter.

“The gruesome harvesting of baby body parts by Planned Parenthood will not be allowed in Texas and the barbaric practice must be brought to an end,” he said. “As such, ending the Medicaid participation of Planned Parenthood affiliates in the State of Texas is another step in providing greater access to safe healthcare for women while protecting our most vulnerable—the unborn.”

As previously reported, a video released in August by the Center for Medical Progress captured Melissa Farrell, director of research for Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, discussing with undercover investigators the “diversification of the revenue stream” over dinner along with a visit to the organization’s pathology lab, where workers sort through the remains of aborted babies.

“If we alter our process and we are able to obtain intact fetal cadavers, then we can make it part of the budget, that any dissections are this, and splitting the specimens into different shipments is this,” she explained. “I mean, it’s all just a matter of line items.”

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