Be Patient

John Gaucher

Years ago, coming back from a conference on Deeper Life & Prayer, I heard from the first time the song “The God of the mountain is also the God of the valley”. I loved it! Often life is like a ‘roller-coaster’ with Ups and Downs. This morning I came across this meditation from a rather old book, but I felt I should share because it might encourage someone. ‘In Tune with Heaven’ by Vance Havner is not a new nook, this devotion was written August 3, 1930.  Enjoy!

Those of us who have set out to live in the spirit have sometimes felt discouraged because our sense of the unseen rises and falls and does not maintain one regular, unbroken pitch. We are “sometimes up and sometimes down”; now we are upon the mountain of vision, then we drop into the valley of drabness; now we are high and lifted…

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