Marco Rubio Gives Strong Pro-Life Response to Question about Abortion

When asked a question about when life begins, Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio gave a passionate response that silenced reporters. reports that Rubio was fielding a question by a mainstream media reporter who was attempting to make Rubio’s pro-life views appear extreme.
“You’ve mentioned that life begins at conception,” the reporter begins. In the video of his response, Rubio nods agreement. Then the reporter hits Rubio with what he believes will be a tough question.
“Do you believe a fertilized egg has legal protection?”
“I believe all life is worthy of the protection of our laws. That’s what I believe,” Rubio responds.
“I believe that it’s outrageous that Hillary Clinton supports partial-birth abortion, which is a gruesome process that’s been outlawed in the United States but she supports it as a process that should be legal,” he continues. “I believe that a child, an unborn child at 24, 25 weeks who is viable outside the womb, it should not be legal to abort. Hillary Clinton believes it should be. She’s in the minority on both of those issues.”
“These are radical issues and I look forward to exposing them in the general election.”
Rubio then thanks the reporters and walks away.

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