Pray For Persecuted Christians

ALGERIA: Caught Carrying Bibles

Two Christians from Tiaret, Algeria, who were detained on March 16 for transporting Bibles, now face legal charges.

A 33-year-old pastor and a member of his church were stopped by police and arrested for carrying nearly 25 copies of the gospel and several other Bibles and Christian books. The two were interrogated for several hours before a police report was filed and sent to the general prosecutor for further processing. While official charges haven’t been filed yet, they are expected to be accused of proselytizing and transporting Christian materials without permission. The two were released and their Bibles and books were returned.

VOM is helping Christians in Algeria by providing Bibles, Christian films and other encouragement. In some cases we also provide lawyers for Christians accused of proselytism.

Pray for the two men as they await word on their possible charges. Several brothers and sisters in Christ were tried for proselytizing and unauthorized non-Muslim worship under similar circumstances in 2008 and are awaiting trial. A 2006 decree called for jail sentences and large fines for those who distribute Christian literature or audio-visual materials to Muslims.

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