Do the Puzzle Pieces Fit?

I remember as a child asking my teachers questions regarding our religious beliefs and practices. The answers that were given to me didn’t quite fit together the way they should have. It’s akin to trying to fit a puzzle together when some of the pieces are obviously from a different box. Certain items were touted as a reason to follow that particular religion. Things like church history, tradition and apostolic succession from Peter were the primary reasons given, while the Bible was completely left out of the discussion.


 When you’re confronted with error, you can do 1 of 2 things.

  1. Ignore it. For whatever reason; or

  2. You can search for the truth.

 If you’re honest with yourself and seek the truth, you will inevitably be confronted with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Whether or not you accept it is up to you, and it will be the difference between life and death. Visit for more info.


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